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Street Drinker Now Reading His Bible

lots of empty beer bottles I met an “old” street friend – only 43 – who has long had addiction problems due to alcohol abuse. He’s been in and out of rehab many times. He came  for food today and my heart really went out to him. He’s struggled and struggled to the extent that he’s been at rock bottom for some time. His body is totally wrecked. He told me today he’s died twice recently and been resuscitated. A lapsed cradle Catholic, he even went to Mass recently and confessed to the local priest. Unfortunately he still doesn’t have any peace. He acknowledged that Jesus is the only one who can help him. He says he is now down to 2 cans a day which, for him, is a massive reduction.  I told him I believed God has a purpose for his life and he agreed with that.

He has a Bible and is reading it every day. I told him to cry out to Jesus with his whole being as he reads it.  I offered to pray for  him and he gladly accepted. After that I felt prompted to pray in tongues for him and poured myself out in the spirit with a great deal of passion and urgency that surprised even me. He thanked me and went off with his food parcel

Another couple of guys came in, one leaning on a stick.  I thought: “I’ll check out the problem and offer to pray for his healing”.  man with walking stick

By then he was in conversation with another team member, so I asked his accompanying friend what the leg problem was. He said “it’s been amputated”. I knew I didn’t have Smith Wigglesworth’s level of faith for a brand new leg, so I dropped the healing thought immediately!

I Had Fallen 50 feet and Survived – So Had He

silhouette of a falling man   The man was suffering pain in his elbow from an operation that had put plates in his elbow, but had come adrift. He had fallen 50 feet in the course of an illegal activity and was suffering the consequences. I shared that I’d fallen 50 feet myself and lived, though I had suffered a fractured skull and broken leg. Mine was long ago; his was recent.

He shared how other aspects of his life had fallen apart, and he was missing his two children who had been adopted two years ago. He said he had 4 Bibles at home and wanted to go to a church. I hadn’t mentioned church or Bibles myself. I noticed several recent open wounds across his arm where he’d cut himself.

I told him Jesus was still healing today and shared some recent events I’d witnessed where Jesus had healed several people of various physical problems. I offered to pray for his elbow; he was agreeable, so I did. First time round he felt something change, but wasn’t sure what it was. I did hands on a second time and he said most of the pain was gone.

I shared the gospel with him. I also shared about the time when Jesus had appeared to me in my bedroom at home. He thought he was a Christian on the basis of having gone to church in the past. I told him a Christian is someone who surrenders control of their life to Jesus, and trusts Jesus for their future life – starting now. I explained the love of Jesus and how Jesus longs for us to get right with Him.

I recommended a local church for him to go to. I couldn’t meet him there as I had a family commitment this weekend. He thanked me for everything. I gave him my website card and suggested he contact me about a Bible passage he was interested in.  For more on the gospel see this website

My First Healing Encounter

My Initial Testimony. In 2009 I downloaded the four Flash files from the Elijah Challenge Basic Training course. What follows is my first attempt at putting the training into practice!

A couple of weeks later I was working as a volunteer in a Christian Food Bank in my home town.Trolley

A Muslim man came in with his voucher for free food. A practising Muslim, he told me he went to the Mosque five times every day. While he was waiting for his food I learned that he had suffered from pain in his legs and feet for many years, in fact since childhood. I talked to him about Jesus, whom he knew of as “Isa” the prophet and we talked about the crucifixion and what it meant. I explained that for Christians Jesus is God the Son, and that He has been given all power and authority by God, the Father. We then discussed other aspects of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

I asked if he was suffering pain at the moment. “Yes”, he said, “my left leg”.
I asked “Would you be agreeable for me to pray for your leg,to get Jesus to take away the pain?”
He agreed, so I explained I would speak to the pain, and command it to go in Jesus’ name. I laid hands on both knees (for good measure) and, using Jesus’ authority, I spoke to the pain and commanded it to go. After doing this for 20 seconds or so, I asked : “how does it feel?” He replied: “it feels warm”.
Taking this as an encouragement, I again spoke to the pain in Jesus’ name for about another 20 seconds. This time I said “stand up and walk about and tell me how it feels”. This time he said: “it feels numb”.

Taking this as another encouraging sign, I again spoke to the pain, as before, for about half a minute. I again asked him to walk about and asked: “”how is it?” This time he said: “the pain has gone”.

I emphasized that Jesus (Isa) was the healer and that he should thank him for taking the pain away. He said he would. I gave him a tract to take away that explained all about who Jesus is and what he has done done for us.
None of the Christians present in the Food Bank that day had any kind of healing gift or ministry. The only one present who could heal was Jesus and He did. So He gets all the glory – thank you Lord!”