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Hugged A Paedophile

A guy came in for food, said he was on probation and asked me if I knew of any soup kitchens where he could help out. He said he was a chef by profession. In his earlier years he had been the youngest chef in a Michelin-starred restaurant in the UK. I told him any potential soup kitchen would want to know why he was on probation.

It came out that he had voluntarily seen his doctor about his predilection for paedophilia on the web and the outcome was that he was arrested and taken to court. He pointed out that his offence was “non-contact”, i.e. that it was all internet related. man on internet

To cut a long story short, I told him that Jesus was the one who could forgive him and enable him to forgive himself. Although not a believer, he agreed to take a gospel which he said he would read on a park bench that afternoon. I ended by offering him a hug which he gratefully received. I felt that’s what Jesus was calling me to do,