Reluctant Communist Sits Down For Prayer

hammer and sickle    As he came up to us he said:”I’m a Communist”. He was from an East European country but wouldn’t tell us which one. We explained that we were Christians offering to pray for healing. His next comment was “I’m like (doubting) Thomas” We persuaded him to have a seat and almost immediately I felt the presence of God on us. The lady I was with sensed the same.  I could feel the Father’s love for this man and I gave him a few words that I believe were from God, showing this man God the Father’s heart for him.

He had pain in the lower back so we laid hands on him, but he noticed no immediate difference. We prayed again and this time he felt the area that was painful diminish in size. He kept saying he had to go for an appointment. Before he went he gave me his mobile phone number and asked to be informed when we would be out on the streets again, so he could come and see us. We gave him a “Why Jesus? booklet to take away.

2 thoughts on “Reluctant Communist Sits Down For Prayer

  1. Robbie

    Great work Brian,
    Your obedience and faith in the Lord to come through in these situation will lead to good testimonies. God will be with you and understands all things through a eternal mind.
    We seed and water the seed and it makes no difference who does any of these but the Lord is the one who makes it grow.
    Thank you for your planting and encouragement.
    God needs a seed to be planted in order to grow it.

    God bless you and your ministry,
    Keep going and more testimonies will follow, God is faithful.


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