Man Healed By Jesus in 3 Separate Parts of His Body

Sometimes it seems like you’re not being used by God, but this morning I was greatly encouraged while watching a Youtube video by a US Pastor quoting something Pete Cabrera Jr had said about seeing results when praying for the sick. This is the link to the video I watched:

After watching the video teaching I went out to work in my local Food Bank. During the session one guy came in with his partner.  During our chat he mentioned he had problems with both shoulders and a knee. He had worked for over 20 years as a Plasterer and he said the damage had been done as he plastered with both arms and climbed up and down ladders, week in week out.   man plastering a wall

I casually mentioned that healing was one of the services we offered while clients were waiting for their food parcel. Was he interested? He asked how it worked and I explained how simple it all was. He was up for it, so I spoke to each shoulder in turn and also the knee in the name of Jesus. As per the video teaching, I just kept to a brief command, finishing with a “be healed in Jesus’ name” in each case. I then kept my hands on the affected part while chatting to the guy about his family life, etc and left God to do the hard work. After a couple of minutes chat each time I asked how the affected part was doing  now. Each time he gave the shoulder/knee a good work out and told his partner what a difference there was, and how he now had movement that wasn’t there before. At one point he said: “there’s even no crunching when I do this!”

Shortly afterwards his food parcel arrived and he left a happy man.

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