Woman In Distress and Then Healing Ministered

woman in tears   A female client arrived very upset and crying a great deal. A woman on our team came alongside her and chatted. The client had recently left a 6 year abusive relationship. She shared that she had scars all over her body where her partner had beaten her up and that she’d told no-one of this before. Previously she’d lost a child. She also shared that she had been abused as a child herself. We offered her prayer and she gladly accepted. She blamed God for her child dying, and it was difficult for her to accept God wasn’t to blame.  Her partner had just paid some guy £500 to track her down and get her back.  She was fearful about this, so we managed to put her in touch with a woman’s refuge nearby. Before she left she said how much better she felt, thanked us for our care,  and said she wanted to come back and see us next week.

Our team leader had fallen recently and had ligament damage to her leg. She told us she’d had prayer at church and the Lord had completely healed her. We had a short time of praising Jesus for this. Then one of our team shared that she too was in pain from a ligament problem in her left leg, which she’d had for several weeks. She then asked “will you pray for me?” Two of us laid hands on her leg and after a few minutes I asked her to test it out. She got up, walked about and said the pain was gone and her leg felt warm. She said she’d report back later on the leg.   legs and knees

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