Painful Bandaged Foot Treated by Jesus

conversation overheard   While chatting today about recent healings to a colleague, I noticed a client listening with interest to what was being said. I said to her: “do you have any pain?” She said she had a damaged foot and was in quite a lot of pain. On a scale of 0 to 10 she said it was an 8, so pretty painful.   foot with bandage on it

She was agreeable to prayer for healing, so I encouraged her with a story from last week when the man’s liver pain dramatically disappeared. It ended up with three of us laying hands upon her and taking authority over the pain. I then asked her to get up and test it out. She said it was now about a 3. I offered to pray again, to get it down to zero, but with a shy smile she said: “no, that’s OK thanks” and left with her bags of food. I encouraged her to keep thanking Jesus for what he was doing and then see the pain go completely.

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