Do You Believe In Eternal Judgement?

Had a chat with a guy in for food today. We had a long discussion about God, the Bible, Christians, the Big Bang and other religions, plus lots more besides!

He kept going round the houses and admitted his mind constantly thinks about things, and they go round and round in his head. Eventually  I managed to pin him down to the fact that he reckoned there must be a Judgment at the end of this  photo of page from Luke's gospellife. I said to him: “in that case, you need to know the rules for the basis of judgement. Before you die you need to make peace with the Judge so that you get forgiven this side of the grave, since there’s no chance once you’re dead”. He could see I was serious about this; in fact I told him I was saying these things with tears in my eyes.  I said Jesus was the Judge. I also gave him a Luke’s Gospel, plus a copy of  “Journey Into Life” by Norman Warren. He promised he’d read both of them.

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