I Bottled Out and Missed a Healing Opportunity

We had a busy day on Friday and gave out food parcels sufficient to feed 28 people for three days.  food parcels being prepared

Our first customer also received two single bed duvets we had been given, and had no use for. She was overjoyed to get this unexpected bonus on top of her food for the family. I told her we were Christians, and that God was the real provider, so when she said her prayers that night, to make sure she thanked God for the duvets. She said “I will!”

One guy came in with a limp. I asked about it and he told me the doctors had tried various treatments on his knee, but had given up on him and he now had to rely solely on painkillers. I made a mental note to offer him prayer for healing. Unfortunately, we got really busy and I didn’t take the chance to offer healing. Looking back on it, I think I was a bit of a coward and was waiting until it got quiet. I could have offered prayer in front of all the other clients, but I suppose I didn’t have the bottle, so really my fault. Sorry, Lord!

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