“God Doesn’t Like Me!”

I overheard a woman saying “God doesn’t like me!” as she waited for food. All the bad stuff that had happened to her she blamed on God. Her friend replied: “but what about free will?”. I joined in the conversation and agreed with the friend. This led on to us discussing “will everyone go to heaven?” and “what’s the pass mark for heaven?” I explained why Jesus came, how he was the “scapegoat” who took the rap for our sins, and why we need to be born again. By the end of the conversation she seemed to understand the basics of why we need Jesus. As she left, her friend said to me:”I’ll chat to her some more about this!”

During our 3 hour period of duty one guy came in with a wad of £10 notes saying: “instead of sending Christmas cards this year I’m giving you guys the money instead”. That’s another reason why I like working as a volunteer here!  photo of wad of ten pound notes

As it’s December, all clients get an extra Christmas bag of goodies to take away with their normal 3 days worth of food in their carrier bags.

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