Presence of God Come Down

After our time on the streets today we went to lunchtime communion at an Anglican church. As usual, after I had taken the bread and wine and sat down, the Holy Spirit came upon me and touched me in a real way. This normally happens when I go there for lunchtime communion. It’s wonderful to feel the presence of God in His House. I’m not even an Anglican!   holy spirit descending in the form of a dove

Earlier while on the streets, I offered a guy working for a sports complex a tract and my website card in exchange for one of his leaflets, but he adamantly refused, although (probably because!) I explained what it was about. We met some female photography students doing a project and were able to direct them to local places. A woman having a break from work accepted one of our “Why Jesus?” booklets. Near the end we met an Iranian man who is an asylum seeker and who attends a local Baptist church. We prayed for him on the street corner, that his case might be approved.  I mentioned the name “Omid Djalili”. He knew of him – and laughed. He’s an Iranian comedian in the UK.

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