Two Interesting Encounters

Went with my wife to do some financial transactions the other day. The lady adviser turned out to be a Christian from a local church. She originated from Nigeria and shared how she had been evangelising there in the past amongst Muslims and seen Jesus make blind eyes see and people get up out of wheelchairs!

Afterwards she thanked me for encouraging her. The feeling was mutual!

picture of a Hare Krishna devotee  in saffron robes Today I encountered a Hare Krishna devotee while we were out sharing Jesus on the streets. He was a lovely young guy, very sincere in his faith and wanting others to discover “God and his love” He believed in Heaven, but not Hell, and saw Karma and reincarnation as the only form of judgment in the Universe. His main “Bible” was the Baghavad Gita and Jesus nowhere figured in his world view. Sadly, he wasn’t interested in Christian salvation, but determined to stick to his chosen path – Hare Krishna.

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