Latest Encounters

An update on recent events on the street and elsewhere.

pain of gout in the foot A guy sat down and we prayed for gout in his foot. While we were praying he said:”are you Christians?” We said we were and he then told us how, whenever he goes near a church, he shakes and trembles all over and cannot physically go any further. Clearly something strange here. I asked about his parents and background. before he could get very far with his story he saw his wife approaching and announced:”I’ve got to go now!” As we were praying for the gout he said: “I’m not just saying this, but it feels very warm”

A woman came in for food and I recognised her face. She said: “you gave me a  Million Pound Note and I’ve got it up on my wall” image of a million pound note  She told us she had suffered a minor stroke the other day after taking some drugs. Her left ear was fairly deaf as a result, so we offered to pray for her. My team supervisor shared the gospel with her brlefly first of all. She agreed to prayer, so the two of us prayed and laid hands on her and commanded the ear to hear. We did this twice and each time she said “it’s no different”. Having felt the power of the Spirit the first time I prayed I was a bit perplexed. She didn’t want to have any more, so she went off with her food.

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