God said “Go to the prison”………

Before going out to share Jesus I asked the Lord for any leadings. He said “the prison… there will be a man standing there….listen to him.” prison building

We met up and I shared with the team. There was only three of us, so we went together towards the prison. We walked round it and on the third side there was a man standing there opposite the prison wall. I said to the others “walk on and I’ll catch you up”. I started chatting to the guy, who said he was waiting for an appointment at 11.30 in the building opposite the prison. He said “are you a counsellor?” I said “no”. He saw my badge and said: “are you an evangelist?” I said I was and we chatted about God, church and Jesus. He told me he was suffering from shingles and had suffered since 2003. He confirmed he was feeling the pain as we talked, in his chest and arm. I shared about Jesus healing people and offered to pray for his shingles. He said OK so I laid hands on his chest and arm and prayed. I then asked him for feedback and he said there a slight reduction in the level of pain he was feeling. I offered to pray again, saying: “if you went to the Dr and he gave you two weeks worth of tablets, you wouldn’t just take one and throw away the rest, would you?” He agreed that was silly, so agreed to more prayer. I prayed again and immediately he said:”I’m not just saying this, but the pain’s gone in both my chest AND my arm!” I suggested he thank Jesus since he was the Healer, not me. Almost straight away he said: “I expect it will come back, though”. I said: “no, Satan is the one who steals and destroys.” Keep thanking Jesus and if it tries to come back again, say no!”

During our chat he also mentioned about life being a journey, so I gave him the “Journey Into Life” booklet by Norman Warren, to take away.

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