Following The Lord’s Leading – To The Library

Before going out on the streets today, I asked the Lord if he wanted to give me any guidance about where to go. I thought I heard a faint “library”, but wasn’t totally sure whether it was Him or my wishful thinking (sorry, I’m a frail man!). I met up with the other 3 in the team and we split into two groups. C and I went off in one direction and I shared with her about “library” She too felt that direction was the right one, so off we went.  On the way we met a couple of street people we knew. We offered to pray for healing for one guy who was in pain and suffering bleeding from his groin area, but he persisted in refusing our offer, and our suggestion he go to the local hospital.

picture of a library   We eventually got to the library, where we met a woman outside smoking a cigarette. I said to her: “are you  waiting for someone or just out here having a smoke?” She said: “just having a smoke.” We walked in to the library, and someone called my name. I turned round and recognised a Christian man I know very well. To cut a long story short, we agreed he’d come to see  me on Monday for prayer for healing. After he left, I noticed C was sitting on a sofa with the woman we’d met at the entrance. I joined them and the woman shared her story with us. She was a recovering drug addict who had lost custody of her children, ‘tho’ fortunately her mother had them. She was in the night shelter, but looking for a more permanent place. We shared Jesus with her but she said she had too much going on in her head to deal with that. We both shared testimonies with her about the Lord’s love and how wonderful Jesus was. In the end she asked: “so how do I meet up with Jesus?” I explained how, gave her a tract and she said she would pray that evening. I wrote out a sample prayer to Jesus for her to pray, explaining it would only work if she meant it, since Jesus knew our hearts. She looked it over and took it. I pray she acts on it!

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