Three Great Days!

hospital sign On Thursday I went with two ladies into the local hospital. Our plan was to see what the Holy Spirit would do through us as we walked through the hospital complex.  january on calendar

After a few minutes we had prayed with two nurses; one we knew, one we didn’t. We eventually ended up in the Cafe, where we decided to have a coffee. While we were sitting there, one of my ladies had a chest spasm and asked me to pray for her. I did, and as I did so the Holy Spirit came upon all three of us in a powerful way. This lasted several minutes, after which we felt we should stay in the Cafe to see what the Lord might want to do. Over the next half hour we chatted to several people in the Cafe about the Lord. I thanked the young waitress for the job she did for us, then reached out and kissed her hand. She came back with “that’s just where the dog bit me – see the scar?”. One of the ladies on the team spoke further to her about the Lord. I later spoke with another lady I saw getting up unsteadily to her feet. I asked if she needed any help. It turned out she was a Christian from a Baptist church. I asked if she wanted to join us, and she did. We prayed for her as she sat there.

On Friday while in the Food Bank a young couple came in and we ended up chatting about Jesus and the Bible. The girl said she enjoyed the conversation and wanted to came back and see us, so I offered to bring in a Christian video for her to borrow when she came again, plus 2 New Testaments, one each.  new testament book

On Saturday I was in town with our Healing On The Streets team and was able to share the gospel with an elderly ex-Army man, plus a couple of other guys who asked what we were doing.

A lovely few days with the Lord and going about His business!

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