Jesus Healing Again

Soon after I arrived, our Team Leader mentioned she had painful knees. I asked her if she believed that Jesus could heal her. She was a bit photo of kneesuncertain, but as we talked about Jesus and his promises, she seemed more encouraged in her faith, and I sensed she had a “mustard seed of faith”. I therefore asked if I could lay hands on her knees. She said that was OK so I did so and spoke life and healing to her knees, to the tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles and bones. I then asked her how they felt and she said “I think the pain is just about gone!” I replied “OK, let’s do a top-up.” She agreed and we had another session. She confirmed that the pain (previously Level 6 on a score of 0-10) was now down to zero – no pain.

A couple of hours afterwards I checked and she confirmed “still no pain”. Thank you Lord!

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