Market Stall Outreach With Hands On Healing

Spent a few hours on our City Mission outreach stall on Friday. In a couple of hours we gave out 300 Challenge Christian newspapers that were full of testimonies. The weather was very cold, but not too windy.

man with walking stick Had a chat with one older guy who I noticed had a walking stick. He said he had read the Bible “from cover to cover” many years ago. He believed there was “something up there”, but didn’t believe in the God of the Bible.

I pointed out the sign on our stall which said “JESUS IS HEALING TODAY”. I asked him why he was using a walking stick. He told me his left knee was shot to pieces and he needed an operation. They wouldn’t give him one just now as he had suffered three strokes recently.

I offered to pray for his knee, which he said was giving him pain there and then. He agreed, so I laid hands on the knee and commanded healing. I stood up and I asked him “how does it feel?” He said “no different”. I said I would pray again, so he agreed. I did the same again, stood up and asked him “how is it now?” He said “it feels warm”. I told him”that’s the power of Jesus at work in your leg.” He said he had to go, so I told him that his knee would  carry on improving. I gave him a gospel tract to take away.

Afterwards I met Gary, an ex-drug addict, who told me he is now giving talks in schools to warn kids of the perils of drug taking. Great news!

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