Bus Stop Encounter

While waiting for the bus into town, I noticed a guy in a biker jacket with his back to me in the queue with bus stop signa sign on the back “revs.me.uk” and a strange logo with an infinity symbol.  I asked what the “revs” meant and he said “Reverends” I gave him my card; he looked at it and said “I’m not a Christian”. He then explained he believed in all faiths, not just one, and that he had conducted funerals for Pagans, Red Indians, New Agers, etc. I asked him “so who was Jesus Christ?” he replied: “he was a Sun God and was born at Easter”.

The bus then arrived and that was that. Later, I looked up “revs.me.uk” and found they were part of “Universal Life Church” who do indeed believe in all Gods and all religions. On their website Forum I found quite a few interesting stories illustrating some spiritual truths, but not in the Christian context.

Later in town we met some drinkers we knew. A new guy was with them and I shared some of the gospel message with him. I offered him a Luke’s gospel and he was happy to accept it.

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