Prayed Over Drinker On Detox

A guy I knew came in for food and he was clearly suffering the shakes. He told us he was doing detox from alcohol and was part way through the 72 hr process. We chatted for a little while, during which time he told us the method he uses to get into the back of the local Iceland supermarket to get free out of date food. dying for a drink

He said his liver was painful too, so we offered to pray for him and he agreed. After praying a minute or so, he said was going to have a fit and needed to lie down. We put him on the sofa and I prayed over him in tongues for a few minutes, during which time the fit subsided and he became calm and peaceful. He attends a local baptist church, and had made some sort of commitment in the past. He said he would come back next week for a coffee and a chat and we wished him well on the detox.

Later on, a guy came in who I seemed to recognise from a previous visit. It turned out he was the Muslim guy I had witnessed to a couple of years back, had sent him a Christian book, and who is now a Christian.

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