The Preacher Was Undone

Last Saturday we did Healing On The Streets. Some 50 yards from us another group of Christians started preaching the gospel. One guy was really loud, and kept looking over to our team as he preached about sin and repentance. I eventually went over to them and saw that the loud preacher’s trouser zip was completely undone. I went up and told him this. Quick as a flash he retorted: “you shouldn’t be looking at me; you should be looking at Jesus!” bible preacher on the street

One of their team,as he arrived, came past us. We chatted and he asked me to listen to him speaking in tongues and tell him if I thought it was genuine. I asked for his testimony, and how he came by it. He told me it was at Colin Urquart’s church, where a woman prayed for him. I listened to his tongue and it sounded OK to me. I reminded him of Jesus’ words: “if you, who are evil, know how to give good things to your children, how much more will your heavenly father give good things/the holy spirit to those who ask him.”

He seemed reassured and went off to join his team of evangelists.

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