Burned Face Healed

This is an example of a delayed testimony; and a reminder to not lose heart if nothing gets reported at the time!

A couple of weeks ago myself and another Christian spent a few days sharing the gospel in a Christian tent at a Counties Show event in England.

On the Saturday, one of the team doing the refreshments had his face painted as a tiger, and it was really impressive! face painted as a tiger

That night he went to his daughter’s house and washed the face painting off.

Only afterwards, when his face started to burn, did he find out that his daughter had just used a really powerful household cleaner on the sink. Clearly, vestiges of the cleaner remained, and it was this that burned his face.

The next morning when we saw him, his face was really red and still very painful. We commanded healing to the face and for the pain to go.

Today, I just heard from my Christian friend that he met the guy last Sunday. His face was completely healed and he said: “Oh, by the way, that time you two prayed for me I felt my face suddenly become really cool and the burning stopped. I meant to tell you. As you can see it’s completely back to normal!”

Thank you Jesus for your wonderful healing power!

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