Alcoholic Dad Wants To Be Free

the IRA in Northern ireland A guy came in for food and we got chatting. He grew up a Catholic on The Falls Road, Belfast. No longer a practicing Catholic, he had drink problems he wanted to conquer and wanted to make his young son proud of his dad. We talked about churchgoing and got on to Jesus. I gave him my testimony and he said he could relate to some of the things I said about how I had wanted to change my life. He insisted he wanted to sort out his demons before considering Jesus. I told him emphatically that was NOT the right way. The way it works is to bring his problems to Jesus and Jesus will change him from the inside out. Sadly, he wasn’t convinced.

He thanked me for the chat and I asked if he had a Bible. He said no, so I offered him a New Testament and suggested he read it and as he read, he talk with Jesus about his problems.

I told him we would be here the same day next week, so come in for a chat and a coffee.

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