Sharing The Gospel With Two Old Guys

two old men chatting Went around town today looking for opportunities for evangelism. As it was raining, I took shelter in an old church tower now used as a tourist venue. One volunteer helper was happy to chat so I shared the gospel with him. He had been to Sunday School as a child, and believed in God, but that was it. He politely listened and asked a few questions. Gave him my website card too.

Outside the local Regimental Museum an elderly man was cleaning the surrounding railings. We chatted about local things and then got on to the Gospel. He was a nominal believer in God, and thought good deeds were all that was needed. Chatted about Jesus and what he did for us. I asked if he was in pain and he said “yes”. He was suffering from cancer and his stomach and thigh area were painful. He agreed I could lay hands on him and I commanded the pain to go. Just as he said it felt better, he was called away, so that was that.

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