Jesus Healing On The Street Again

Out on the street sharing Jesus today. Met an older man of 69 we knew who has had an eventful life. Aged 17, his father sent him out to buy cigarettes. He ran off and joined the merchant Navy and came back 2 years later – with a pack of 200 ciggies!

Although not a Christian himself, he asked us “who was the first evangelist?” My colleague said “Philip is mentioned as the first evangelist.” The old guy replied: “No, it was Mary Magdalene – she said Jesus was alive.” Good answer!! I then asked him: “but do you believe it’s true, that Jesus rose from the dead – that’s the real question?” He didn’t give me a definite reply.

Jesus has risen from the dead

He told me he suffers pain all over his body ( he has been a heavy drinker for many years). I asked where the worst pain was, and he said “my neck”. I asked him to grade the pain on a scale of 1-10 and he said it was about 8. I told him that Jesus can prove to him that he is alive. I said I would pray for his pain to go. He agreed to give it a go.

I spoke to the neck and commanded the pain to go. I asked him how his neck felt now. He said:”it’s definitely better, about a 4 or 5 on the scale. He agreed I could pray again. I spoke to it again, and this time he reported it now down to a level 2. I said: “we can carry on doing this all day and you’ll get better and better”. I finally looked him in the eye and said:”The bible says that God is love.” He said: “I know”. I gave him a tract as we left.

POSTSCRIPT: The above post was written on 21st April 2011. I learned on 15th July 2011 that this man had recently died of a stroke. Life is unpredictable!

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