Sharing Jesus On The Streets

.shoal of fish
Before going out to do evangelism this morning, I prayed to the Lord and had the words “market” and “fish”. When I met my friend in town we went to the market and sure enough, there was one fish stall, manned by two older men. I engaged them in a spiritual conversation and tried to establish some kind of rapport, but nothing seemed to work.

I therefore left them and joined my friend who was chatting to another stall holder who sold all kinds of olives. As I came over the olive man said to me “do you like fish?” I nearly fell over with surprise, seeing how God does move in unusual ways. He then gave me – at no charge – some spices to use with fish. We both chatted to him about his life and Christian things. He said how his wife was unable to have children so we prayed for him before we left. I also gave him a John’s Gospel

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