Healing Offer Rejected

back pain sufferer A woman support worker came in for food for a client. I noticed she was leaning on a crutch and when I offered her a seat she refused, saying, “I’m better standing up”. She told me she had an accident at work some 4 years ago, but the doctors couldn’t do anthing more for her and she was sufferng back pain 24/7. Her left leg was also affected and she was gradually losing mobility in that leg.

I asked if she had any faith but she replied that so many bad thngs had happened in her life she wasn’t a believer. She told me she had lost 4 children. The only person she relied upon, she said, was herself. She agreed when I said you identify with the Frank Sinatra song “I Did it My Way”.

I told her I was happy to pray for her even although she didn’t believe herself. She was adamant that she didn’t want to be prayed for. How sad!

Afterwards I felt rather rejected, so I reminded myself that it wasn’t me she had rejected.

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