Two Great Conversations Today

The guy came for food, having been chucked out of the family house by his partner. He showed me a necklace with a cross he wore and asked if he could get christened as an adult. We chatted about how you become a Christian and I explained christening doesn’t make you a Christian.

I told him why Jesus came and what he did for us and gave him a practical illustration of how we need to personally accept what Jesus has provided. He said it had made things clearer for him. I gave him a New Testament and suggested he read the Gospels. He said he’d like to come to church on Sunday, so gave him the details.

The lady had been before, and as soon as she came in she said:”you’re the man who prayed for me!” I then recognised her and she went on to say how her life had improved after the prayer and things were going really well for her. We gave her food and offered to pray again. She said “yes, please!”

After I prayed the other lady on our team told her that while I prayed she’d got a picture of a jigsaw with pieces jigsaw piecesmissing. She felt the Lord was saying He is putting things together in her life, as part of his plan. The lady was really encouraged and said: “I’m going to come to your church”.

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