Cry For Help On The Streets

cry for help

On the streets today a guy I meet regularly shared new facts from his past. He showed me the tattooed pentagram on his arm and explained that when he was young he used to be involved in satanism and blood sacrifices. At the time, he thought it would impress the girls! It also got him unto heroin use.

He had some Roman Catholic background as a child and is worried that when he dies the church will not bury him when they see the tattoo. He is also experiencing things moving about in his flat and is getting scared.

I told him to meet me in the same place next week at the same time. I would bring along a prayer of renunciation for him to read out loud every day. I told him God knows the heart and that this would only work if he was serious about it. He assured me he was. He is suffering from a major chest infection and I prayed for his healing too.

Afterwards, he selected a “God’s Promise” a wrapped, single, sealed, Bible verse. It was the verse “I lift my eyes to the hills where help comes from the Lord.” and he was excited at how apt it was for him  As I read it, I then became emotional and got choked up. It ended up with HIM giving ME a hug!

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