Healing Offer Rejected

On the streets today we went up to a 72 year old Scottish guy in an invalid buggy and offered healing. He had leg problems, but wasn’t inclined to accept the offer we made.  mobility scooter

I talked about how Jesus went about healing people. He replied: “but his followers didn’t do it!” I replied that the Book of Acts told how his followers did just that. He hadn’t heard of that book, although he claimed to have a bible at home.

I then talked about sin and the good news of the Gospel, the judgment to come, and how he was like a blind man walking towards the edge of a cliff.  He agreed it was a good thing to warn the man of the great danger he was in, but sadly didn’t seem to see how it applied to himself. I tried to explain how the pass mark for heaven was 100% and that only Jesus got the 100%, but that it was also ours for the taking by trusting in His goodness. A frustrating conversation, but perhaps a seed planted.

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