Sharing The Gospel Again

Had a long chat with a 22 year old woman today on the Gospel. It came about as follows.

She picked up the Evangecube lying on the table and was playing with it. I said “it tells a story. Do you want to hear it?”  She said “yes” so I took her through the Gospel. I used some analogies to help her understand the things I was saying. I also shared some of my own testimony.

She asked a few questions, and seemed to accept the answers I gave. I asked if she had a Bible. She told me she had a Gideons New Testament with Psalms she got from school. I suggested she read it and decide for herself  if what I had been telling here was true. She seemed inclined to give it a go. She said she had enjoyed RE in school.

The guy whose healing I prayed for last week didn’t return as he had planned to do.

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