Another Healing Adventure

A guy who came in for food yesterday had his right arm in a sling. I asked what the problem was and he said he had developed a severe infection in the elbow joint. To date the surgeons had done 6 operations on it and it still wasn’t right.

I offered to pray for it to be healed. I explained how Jesus had healed everyone who came to him. I talked about the need for “a mustard seed” of faith, pointing out that even Jesus couldn’t do any miracles in his home town. I shared a few stories of healing from my own experience to encourage his faith. I related how experiments on quite basic life forms found they responded to prayer, compared to another batch not prayed for. He said “yes, go ahead”.

I then laid hands on the arm and elbow, thanked and praised the Lord for his healing power, then spoke to the affected parts. He wasn’t suffering pain, so couldn’t verify any difference immediately after prayer.   I offered to pray again. I said how certain factors influence healing. Exercising faith for healing is like putting up a lightning conductor to the elements. Persistence in prayer shows we mean business. He agreed to more prayer, so I then prayed again for him.

We agreed he would come back next week and let me know how his arm/elbow were. I told him something always happens when we pray, even if not immediately evident. Earlier I had also told him to thank Jesus for the healing, as part of his exercise of faith. At the end when I suggested he thank Jesus on his way home, he said “I’ve done that 3 times in my mind already.”  That encouraged me!

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