Holy Spirit At Work On The Streets

dove hovering

As we witnessed to one guy his partner came along and started abusing him, disrupting the whole atmosphere engendered by our witnessing. I had shared the gospel with him a few weeks previously and he had seemed quite open to hear what I had to say. After the “domestic” incident, he admitted he found it difficult to control his temper. I told him that the Holy Spirit, given by God, enables us to do this. We ended by praying for him before we left.

We walked up to a couple of folk doing street stuff. One was a student from a local school doing a survey. I did the survey then challenged him on the gospel, giving him something to take away. The other guy was selling some kind of beauty treatment for women. I also gave him a tract.

Another guy we prayed for was suffering from epilepsy. He said the doctors told him it was due to his drinking since the age of 12. He’s now around 50. Two of the team discerned a spirit at work. We commanded it to go and as we did one of the team saw it – a snake with a large head.

We also prayed for a woman, a Big Issue seller, fleeing domestic violence.  cover of the Big Issue magazine One of the team discerned a back problem with a spirit behind it. We spoke to it and commanded it to go in Jesus’ name.

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