Joint Healing – A Leg Each!

On the streets today we met a guy with a walking stick.  man with walking stick I asked him what the trouble was and it turned out he had a swollen left leg and his other knee and leg were causing problems too. He lifted his trouser legs and showed us them and they didn’t look too good. He was actually on his way to the hospital for treatment. We offered prayer and he said “OK”. Two of us took a leg each and went to work on this guy. After a minute or so speaking to the pain and disability, I asked “how is it now?” He reckoned that he had 20%  improvement. I offered further prayer, which he agreed to.

After the second go he said “to be absolutely honest, there’s no further improvement”. I told him that healing can continue after prayer. I emphasised that we had no healing abilities ourselves and that Jesus was the healer. I suggested he thank Jesus for what he had received. He said “thank you Jesus”, looking up heavenwards and crossing himself. I suggested he carry on thanking Jesus as he went on his way.

Earlier we had come across an old man who had fallen over an obstacle on the pavement and grazed his head. We helped him up and told him we were Christians and would like to pray for him, that there would be no lasting damage from the fall. He agreed, so we did and off he went.

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