A Chat With A Drinker

Today I had a long chat with a (pretty sober) street drinker about the gospel. I used my trusty Evangecube again (his girl said excitedly: “look it’s that thing!” ) as she has seen me using it with others before.  photo of the evangecube gospel sharing tool

He acknowledged he was a siner but said he had done lots of bad things and spent time in prison. I told him Jesus can forgive them all. He seemed to understand why Jesus came and how He is our 100% for Heaven, having led a sinless life and died in our place. He came up with objections around God not stopping suffering, in relation to his father’s death and others. I did my best to explain that if God intervened in one area of our lives it would then to have to be ALL areas of our lives, making us robots. He seems to accept that true love has to allow the object of their love free will, not to interfere and compel certain actions.

A bit of a frustrating conversation, since he seemed in some respects so near to the Kingdom……. and yet so far away!

attack on the twin towers in New York I reminded him the Bible says “today is the day of salvation” and that tomorrow may not come, citing the case of the people in the Twin Towers on 9/11. Not one of them had any inkling as they went to work that day that their time had come.

I gave him a sheet summarising the gospel and which invites him to write down sins he wants to be forgiven for. I said “the Top 10 would do, or even the Top 1 – what ‘s important is starting the process of moving towards God”. I confirmed he had access to a modern NT translation.

Time will tell.

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