Freed From Spiritualism

On the streets today we were giving out large, boxed Easter  eggs to the street people. Didn’t meet many, as the police have had a crackdown (no pun intended) on begging and street gatherings by the addicts.

An African pastor we know directed us to a guy in an alleyway whom we regularly visit. While chatting to him, I got into conversation with a woman who dropped by. I asked: “are you a spiritual person?” She replied: “yes, I am very spiritual!” I asked if she was going to heaven and she said she was. I asked on what basis and she said “I try to do my best”. I asked what the pass mark was for heaven and she didn’t know. When I told her 100% she was amazed so I explained why and that Jesus had already got it for us. She went on to tell how she went to the church in xyz street. I knew this to be a Spiritualist church. I told her this was contacting the dead and the Bible expressly forbids this. She was genuinely suprised, since “they sing hymns” and when I told her God hated spiritualism, she was genuinely contrite. She then explained how strange things had been happening at home and I told her this was the work of demonic spirits encountered through spiritualism. One lady team member with me testified to her own experience of involvement with spiritualism in the past and having been set free by Jesus.

I then asked if she was willing to pray to Jesus to ask his forgivness for getting involved with Spiritualism and she said “definitely!” I then led her in a prayer in which she acknowledged her sin against God in doing this and asking for Jesus’ forgiveness. She repeated the words with genuine enthusiasm which was a joy to witness. She was very open and honest in her dealings with the Lord and I was humbled by her ready repentance for what she had been doing. She mentioned she had several health issues so I asked if she’d like me to pray for her healing. She said “yes, please!”

Her shoulders were currently causing problems so she agreed I could lay my hands on her for healing. She quickly unzipped her anorak and bared her shoulders for me. I explained the basis of healing in Jesus name and she seemed readily to understand. After prayer for healing I also felt prompted to pray over her in tongues. Afterwards she said she felt different.

I gave her a gospel tract plus a New Testament. She knew about the gospels, which I urged her to read. If she came under any further spiritual attack, I told her to command them to go in the name of Jesus. I explained that all power in heaven and earth had been given to Jesus, so all other powers had to obey Him.

I suggested she visit a local Baptist church nearby. She had been there last week, so I told her to go again and tell the pastor about what had happened today.

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