Healing And Witnessing

I prayed for a Christian lady today who was suffering pain and disability in her back, leg etc. After the first prayer time she noticed little difference. After a second prayer time she felt the pain lessen and movement was freer. Praise God from whom all blessings flow…!

A recovering addict noticed I had an Evangecube on the table (see previous entry for Evangecube with Youtube video showing it being used). He picked it up and was looking at it with interest. I asked if he would like me to demonstrate it. He agreed, so I took him through a fairly full gospel presentation, detailing sin, heaven and hell, etc. He readily agreed he was a lying thief!

courtroom I also used the analogy of the guy in court being convicted for a crime he had committed. The judge pronounced sentence: 5 years jail or a fine of £5,000. The man said he couldn’t pay, so jail seemed inevitable. The judge then came down from the bench, took out his chequebook and wrote out a cheque for £5,000 and gave it to the court officials. The man then walked free, as justice had been satisfied. The judge had paid the price for the man’s offence. My guy seemed to see the relevance of this in spiritual terms. I also gave him a tract “How To Get To Heaven”. He said he would read it later.

On the way home on the bus I left a “How To Get To Heaven” tract near the front of the bus, where everyone getting off would see it. The cartoon picture makes it attractive, so it would soon go.

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