Using All Means That Some Might Be Saved

First guy I spoke to today was a really, really nice guy! He really was; I warmed to him very quickly. On spiritual things he had decided that “God was peace and love” but wouldn’t be drawn any further. He felt religion was a problem area he didn’t wish to be a part of. So I respected his viewpoint and wondered where we could go from there?

near death experience He then noticed I had a book I had put on the table about Near Death Experiences (NDEs). I showed it to him and said: “would you like it?”  He said: “near death experiences? – oh yeah!”  I gladly gave it to him, since it was written from a Christian viewpoint.

Then I chatted to a lady who  had just come out of a domestic violence situation. She left with literally only the clothes she was wearing.  She didn’t even have a tin opener, so we made sure all the food in tins we gave her had ring pulls. She had no money whatsoever, so I gave her all I had on me – a pound coin. She was delighted and said: “now I can buy a loaf of bread!”

She said she was a Catholic, “a lapsed Catholic – I haven’t been to Mass since last Easter”. She noticed I had an Evangecube on the table and asked “What’s that?” I showed her how it works and took her through the gospel message using it.

We asked if she had a Bible. She said: “no, not at the moment.” We offered her a Bible or a New Testament, but she found the text of both too small. I happened to have taken in a Gospel of John today. I showed her that and she found its larger text quite readable, so she took it away.

As it was raining when I came out, I got the bus home. On the way I decided to leave an “Are You A Good Person?” tract on the seat when I left. Someone will certainly pick it up and read it, since it’s an appealing tract. Plus, most passengers will think they are good people anyway, and we all like to pat ourselves on the back !

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