More Conversations

Had several chats with people on Christianity today.

Chattted with an Atheist but, not surprisingly, he didn’t make much sense. He refused to consider a God, instead referring to “nature” doing this and “nature” causing that. I challenged him to show me a building in town that didn’t have a designer (as per WOTM Atheist Test booklet- which I gave him to take away) and he didn’t answer me.

Another guygideon's bible I shared the gospel with told me it fitted in with what a lady minister had said to him. I offered him a New Testament and he took it away.    I suggested he look at the gospels and read about what Jesus said and did.

A support worker who came in with an addict told me she had an open mind on spiritual things. She confided she had been a drug addict herself in the past and had a couple of near death experiences (NDEs). She hadn’t any visions or suchlike to report on those, for good or bad.  I gave her my card and she said she’d check out my website. I told her there were many stories on there of people who had become Christians.

1 thought on “More Conversations

  1. McMurdo

    Just to let you know I’m keeping track of how you’re doing, and I enjoy your posts. Keep it up!

    May the Lord keep us from going lukewarm, mediocre and useless, and may he raise up more to preach the true Gospel in power. Pray for me too brother.




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